17 Sep

4 Mistakes in Custom Renovations to Avoid

4 Mistakes in Custom Renovations to Avoid

You want to give your space a remodel. That’s an excellent idea. It helps, however, to note that renovating your home isn’t as easy as it looks.

Before embarking on a renovation project, please be prepared. Here are some common custom renovations errors you should avoid:

  1. Hiring the First Contractor You Get

You want to get the project over with fast, but you should look beyond cost when employing a contractor.

Do they have the skills? Do they have a broad knowledge of your space? Can they provide you with all the materials they’ll need?

Before settling for a contractor, ensure that you receive at least three quotes so you can compare prices.

  1. Measuring Wrongly

Mis-measuring, even by an inch, can have disastrous results in custom renovations, especially when it comes to countertops and kitchen cabinets. It may even cause a delay of at least six weeks.

Ideally, you should measure more than once and countercheck your measurements before materializing your plans. This will help ensure that your custom renovations are successful.

  1. Failure to Have a Clear Vision

A vision is what guides you and makes the renovation process end faster. Before hiring a remodeling company, you should have a clear picture of how you want your room to look after the redesign.

  1. Paying More Attention to Design Than Function

During your home custom renovations, the design you pick should be in line with your lifestyle. A hardwood floor, for instance, is a poor option if you have kids and pets. A laminate pick is a better choice.