13 May

Ceramic Pro Packages: The Ultimate Lifetime Protection Coating

Ceramic Pro Packages: The Ultimate Lifetime Protection Coating

If you want to protect your vehicle for a lifetime, check out the different Ceramic Pro packages. A Ceramic Pro coating will not only protect the exterior and interior of your car from deteriorating, but it also comes with an additional two-year warranty (Bronze package) that covers any Ceramic Pro package-related damages.

If you have been looking for a way to make sure your car lasts forever, this option is perfect!

Benefits of Ceramic Pro Packages

• Right off the bat, your car will look fabulous all the time.
• Your vehicle will require less maintenance.
• It’s an investment that will pay for itself over time.


• Gold Package
The gold package is designed for the discerning client that wants top-of-the-line services. This includes a lifetime warranty, four layers of Ceramic Pro applied to your vehicle’s paint, one layer on exposed areas, one layer on the topcoat, one layer applied on plastics and wheels, one layer of glass on the windshield as well as front side windows.

• Silver Package
As the name suggests, this is the mid-level package. It features a five-year warranty along with one layer of Ceramic Pro applied over the car’s paint, offering much-needed protection. A second layer is used on your windshield and wheels.

• Bronze Package
This is the entry-level package. The package features one layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat applied to the vehicle’s original paint.

The coating is excellent at protecting your car from mild scratches, offering a stunning appearance. You can rest easy thanks to the two-year warranty attached to the package.

As an auto enthusiast, you want your car looking amazing each time you hit the road, and Ceramic Pro packages can help you with this!