31 Jul

When is AC Repair Worth the Investment Before Replacement?

When is AC Repair Worth the Investment Before Replacement?

Air conditioning units are far from a small investment. They are incredibly large, costly, and they do not last forever. When your AC unit stops working you may wonder if there is a reasonable alternative to AC replacement. This alternative is AC repair, but sometimes it is not worth it, here are a few times when AC repair is worth the investment.

• Efficiency: When your AC unit is running poorly and then dies, AC repair may not fix it entirely. Fixing your AC unit may make it run again, but if it goes back to running inefficiently like before then it may not be worth it. It will cost you more on your utilities and may break down again soon after.

• Age: While repairing your car forever will cost less than buying a new one every time the repair cost totals itself, an AC unit should not be constantly repaired to be kept running. When the repair estimate is given, multiply that number by 10 and if that number is less than the cost of a new unit, then you should consider AC repair.

• Hassle: If your air conditioning unit is closer to the end of its life and you would rather not spend time dealing with an unreliable AC unit, consider AC replacement. If you would rather save more money but are willing to deal with the hassle, then maybe AC repair is right for you.

AC units can be a handful, but they do not have to be. The next time your AC unit breaks, consider the above points to help you decide if AC repair or replacement is right for you.