14 May

Can You Make Healthy Choices at a Sports Bar and Grill? Yes, You Can!

when you go out to a sports bar and grill

When it comes to making healthier lifestyle choices, one of the first places you should consider changing is making better food choices. Even if you are great at making good food choices for your health at home, it can be difficult when you are going out. Never eating out again is not a likely option for the majority of people, so having a plan in place when you go out to a sports bar and grill or a restaurant can help ensure you don’t completely derail all the good choices you have been making. Here are a few tips that you can use to make healthier choices at a sports bar and grill.

First, look up the information online and decide what you will order before you go! Many restaurants have their nutritional information online now, and even if they don’t, you can look up options that are going to be better than other choices, such as something that is grilled rather than fried.

Second, keep your calories for food, not drinks! So many drinks at sports bars and grills are going to be high in calories and often will pile up quickly. If you want a soda or cocktail, limit yourself to one, maybe two, and then switch to water. Not only will this keep your caloric count down, but your bill will be lower!

Third, watch for unhealthy foods masquerading as healthier options. Salads are full of vegetables, so they must be better for you, right? Not at restaurants! Watch for salads dressed in loads of creamy (fatty) dressings and cheeses. Also pay attention to your portion sizes. Even if your meal is nutritionally balanced, there might be twice as much as you need. Ask for a to-go box before starting and put half your meal away.

These are some tips that can help you enjoy a night out while also sticking to newly-forming healthy choices. We hope these tips will help you at your next trip to your favorite sports bar and grill.