8 Jan

A Quick Glimpse at Energy-Efficient Windows

A Quick Glimpse at Energy-Efficient Windows

When picking energy-efficient windows, you want to look for a window that is Energy Star certified. There are countless benefits linked to installing such a window, including:

  • Saving money
  • Make outside noise less audible
  • Save money from using less heating
  • Adds to the appearance of the house
  • Higher impact resistance

This kind of window makes a home warmer in winter and cooler during summer, particularly in states with extreme summers. An energy-efficient window also improves the house’s aesthetic look as its attractive.

However, not all energy-efficient windows are the same. As a property owner, you have a choice to make concerning the main parts of the window, including the frame, panes, and spaces.

  • The Frame – Ideally, go for a fiberglass, wood composites, or vinyl window. These materials are best at insulating. Unfortunately, the downside to using wood is the difficulty in maintenance, where it needs regular painting.
  • Window Panes – Two panes of glass with the space between filled with air or krypton offer better insulation than just one pane of glass. Another benefit of having multiple panes is that they keep outside noise better than a single glass pane window.
  • Low-E Glass Coating – This is a special coating on the window that’s a must-have because it reflects infrared light to keep the heat outside during those hot summers and inside warm in winter. Similarly, it reflects ultraviolet light, thus preventing your inside furniture from fading.

There are several top tier level energy efficient brands to pick for your home’s windows. They include Accent, Anderson, Certain Teed, Cascade, Winstrom, etc. Make sure you work with a licensed contractor during the installation process.