4 Jan

A Guide to Visiting a Gun Shop

A Guide to Visiting a Gun Shop

Whether you are interested in hunting or you just want to protect your family, one of the best places to get a gun is a gun shop. So below we’re going to list some tips for going to one along with some things you should never do in one.

Tips for a Visit to a Gun Shop

  • Get your CCW permit from the state
  • Ask them your questions and listen to their answers
  • Be honest about the experience you have with firearms
  • Ask about the clerk’s firearm experience
  • Do lots of homework
  • Have an idea about the caliber and kind of gun you want to get
  • Create a list with a few models on it
  • Look for a shop that has their own range so you can try out the gun before buying it
  • Have a budget for accessories, range time and ammunition
  • Don’t bring in a gun that is loaded
  • Select the correct store
  • Take time to shop around
  • Ask about the local gun clubs and firing ranges.

What Not to Do at a Gun Shop

These are eight things you should never do at a gun shop.

  • Take guns apart
  • Open ammunition boxes
  • Slap or flick the cylinder of a revolver closed
  • Aim guns through windows or anyone
  • Offer other customers unsolicited advice
  • Jiggle gun safe handles
  • Try buying guns from any other customers inside the store
  • Make jokes about any type of illegal activities.

If you follow the tips in this article, you will have a much better experience at the local gun shop and avoid many problems.