19 May

4 Ways Your Home Tells You It Needs Window Replacement

window replacement can lower utility bills

Looking at your windows you may wonder if it is time for window replacement, or if you should continue living with the windows as they are. While there is not a sure-fire way of knowing, there are a few hints you can get from your windows and home that tell you that it is time for window replacement. Here are 4 ways you can find out whether or not you need window replacement.

  1. Struggling: If your windows are visibly struggling, it is probably time to replace them. Weak and old windows can be a security liability in your home, or even be the perfect place for your HVAC system’s work to escape. Windows should be a benefit in your home, not a liability.
  2. Energy Bills: If your energy bills are creeping up, it may be because your windows are struggling to insulate the home. As windows age they can become less effective insulators, and you may find that window replacement can lower utility bills. Specialty windows, such as double-paned windows, can even help actively lower your utility bill further.
  3. Clashing: If your windows no longer look fashionable with your home, it may be time to change. While you can change the look of your window to stay in vogue, this more refers to windows that seem excessively old when compared to the rest of the house. Windows that are visibly several decades behind in style compared to the rest of the home may be a good reason to upgrade.
  4. Potential Damage: If you are worried that your windows cannot hold up to weather conditions or are not up to security levels, you may want to upgrade. Window replacement can ease the worry of inadequate windows and prevent them from being a burden on your mind.

While window replacement can be expensive, sometimes it is a necessity. If your windows are no longer adequate and meet some of the above points, then you may need window replacement.