29 Jul

4 Ways to Serve Doughnuts at a Party

4 Ways to Serve Doughnuts at a Party

Are you having a get together and you’re trying to figure out what you should serve? If so, why not consider doughnuts? Doughnuts come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors, so you can find something that everyone will love. Below are four ways that you can serve your doughnuts to your guests.

  1. On Cupcakes

Why not combine two favorite snacks of people and put miniature doughnuts on top of cupcakes? You can contrast or complement the flavors, like putting a vanilla doughnut on a chocolate cupcake or a strawberry doughnut on top of a chocolate cupcake.

  1. On Their Own

There’s no reason why you can’t just put out a platter of yummy doughnuts for your guests to enjoy. Offer a variety of different flavors and types, and they will dig in.

  1. On Sticks

There are great things called doughnut holes that you can put on sticks, kind of like cake pops. These cute, bite-sized doughnuts come in a lot of different flavors and they are so much fun for kids and adults.

  1. For Garnish

Do you plan to have an afternoon tea? Whether you are having children or adults as guests, or even both, why not offer them a small doughnut with their drink? They go great with tea, coffee and milk!

These are just four ways that you can serve doughnuts to your guests. We are certain that if you wrack your brain, you can come up with a few ideas of your own. Get creative!