31 Jul

4 Ways to Make a Pizza Delivery Successful

4 Ways to Make a Pizza Delivery Successful

I scream, you scream, we scream for pizza! Most people love this Italian dish and have no problem chucking a couple of dollars daily or several times a day to savor its delicious taste. This makes pizza delivery a very worthwhile task.

Delivering pizza is never easy. Leaving it out of your pizza business, however, means losing on some precious cash.

Luckily, there are some simple tips you can use to make delivery seamless such as:

  1. Always Having a Second Look

Before making a delivery, check that you are sending the right order. A wrong delivery may destroy your professional relationship with a client.

Don’t only check the pizza. Have a peek at the sauces, drinks, and side items if there are any. Also, be sure to bring along enough change and some hospitality mints for extra credit.

  1. Stress on Safety

If you’ve got drivers doing the pizza delivery for you, ensure that they know and stick to safety precautions such as carrying a phone with them and carrying at least $20 in change to keep thieves away.

  1. Advertise Your Services

From newspapers to social media, there are countless options that you can use to put yourself out there. Whichever means you pick, remember to add your phone number.

  1. Have a Payment Procedure in Place

Put the acceptable forms of payment as well as the amount of change your drivers bring along on your delivery menu. This helps customers know the procedure whenever they look to you for pizza delivery.