31 Jul

4 Tools That Every Roofing Contractor Must Have

4 Tools That Every Roofing Contractor Must Have

Every time you look at your roof or stare at the ceiling while you’re at home, you should never forget to thank the roofing contractor who replaced or installed it. Roof installation, replacement, or repair is no easy task. Roofing contractors have the tools they use to thank for every roofing success.


While tools are picked according to factors such as the type of roofing material in question, here are some useful instruments in almost every situation:


  1. Magnetic Pickup Tool

Magnetic pickup tools are handy devices that have several uses. They can be used to pick metallic items such as nails that fall on the ground during a project. They can also come in handy when a small metal instrument falls into a downspout or gutter.

The significant distinction between them and magnetic sweepers is they are crafted to pick a single item.


  1. Roof Snake

This implement is used by a roofing contractor to replace new composition shingles quickly and accurately. It also enables a contractor to fix new shingles without having to strike them.


  1. Utility Knife

Utility knives are essential tools in all types of roofing projects. They are used for sizing down shingles, opening boxes, and cutting down materials, among others.


  1. Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is a must-have for every roofing contractor. It helps in measuring moisture levels in roofs. It is most useful during roof inspections and construction. Most models have a remote probe for easier testing of moisture levels in places that are beyond reach.