28 Jan

4 Reasons why your Temporary Retail Displays Aren’t Working

the science behind temporary retail displays

Temporary retail displays are a great way to pique the interest of customers who would otherwise not notice the product. However, the science behind temporary retail displays has a lot of nuances which can be hard to get right. Not getting these things right can lead to less than successful displays.  Here are 4 reasons why your temporary retail displays may not be succeeding.

  1. Stale Displays: Having a temporary retail display up for multiple months means it will get old and stale to customers. Consider how often your repeat customers visit the store and use that to decide how often to change your displays. You don’t want a customer visiting dozens of times to see the same “special” display.
  2. Interactive: A retail display that is simply temporary shelving with products on it has little appeal. Adding something, like a diagram demonstrating the product, product sapling, or anything eye-catching will greatly help customer attraction.
  3. Brand and Value: The brand, the product, and the value it brings customers should be front and center. If the customer is unclear what the product is, how it is used, and how it will help them, they will not see how it will bring value to their life. This also applies to displays that are too busy and exciting that they fail to focus on the product benefits.
  4. Inspiration: The display should be inspired by the product itself. It needs creativity that helps fit the theme of what the product is and helps to promote the product rather than detract.

Setting up temporary retail displays can be difficult, because improper displays can be a waste of resources. However, when done correctly, temporary retail displays can greatly increase sales.