2 Mar

4 Glass Options and Types for Windows

When windows have reflective film

If you are planning to replace the windows in your home for the first time in a while, there’s a good chance you have more choices than you did in the past. Below are four options and types of glass that you can choose from for your windows.

  1. Clear — This is the basic option for windowpanes. It doesn’t offer anything special to your windows. It’s simply clear glass.
  2. Low-E – This is a very thin finish made of metal oxide and it’s placed on clear glass. It reflects a large amount of heat and lets the light and heat of sun to come into the home and blocks your heat from getting out of your home. This helps with reducing your loss of heat and saves money.
  3. Heat absorbing — When window has been treated with bronze, grey or green tints, it absorbs up to 45% of the solar energy that’s coming in. This helps with increasing the windows’ energy efficiency.
  4. Reflective — When windows have reflective film, it’s helpful for keeping a house cool during the summer. It also reduces solar transmissions and light throughout the year. The film helps to reflect the heat and light to keep it from coming into the home.

These are four of the options that you want to choose from when you’re getting new windows for your home. Think about your budget and what you expect from your windows. But also remember that even though some options will be more expensive, they can help you save in the long-term.