26 Dec

4 Common Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Guilty Of

4 common drain cleaning mistakes that people make

A clogged drain is a common problem in any household, especially if it is a large household with pets and young children. Plumbing problems can cause a huge headache. That’s why it’s best to be careful and avoid causing any clogs. Below are 4 common drain cleaning mistakes that people make.

  1. Allowing Your Drain to Become Clogged. One of the best ways that you can fix clogged drains is to prevent it from happening. This means not putting things down your drain such as hair, peelings, and other things. Your drain is made to handle fluids only.
  2. Using Caustic Chemicals Carelessly. If the first thing you do when you have a clogged sink or tub drain is to pour chemicals down the drain, you should be careful. There are some that won’t work on the solid clogs like paper, food, or hair. Not only that, but using these types of chemicals can damage your pipes if you’re using them too often.
  3. Putting Things into Your Drain. A lot of people choose to put things like a broom handle or a coat hanger down their drain so that they can get the clog out. Even though this can work if the clog is hair and near the top of the drain, there’s a good chance it’s not going to work. You might end up pushing the clog down further and making the problem worse.
  4. Using the Hose. There are people who believe that using more water pressure that comes from the hose is going to flush their pipes and get rid of clogs. But usually this is going to make a huge hassle and it can damage the pipes. So, don’t do this. It’s not going to work.

These are drain cleaning mistakes to avoid. When you are looking for drain cleaning methods, avoid these and you’ll have a better chance of success.