17 Feb

3 Tips for Avoiding the Need for Crawl Space Mold Removal

mold prevention is as important as knowing about crawl space mold removal

One of the most common places that people have in their home with a lot of mold is their crawl space. If you are concerned about mold in your crawl space, knowing about mold prevention is as important as knowing about crawl space mold removal. Below are 3 tips that you can use to help prevent mold from forming in your crawl space.

  1. Look at Your Foundation – Check your walls of your foundation and ensure that there aren’t any cracks. If you see cracks in the foundation, there’s a good chance that’s where the moisture is entering. So, you want to make sure that you are sealing the cracks.
  2. Examine Gutters & Downspouts – Check your downspouts and gutters. They should be a minimum of 6 feet from your house, particularly when there’s a lot of rain. If not, water might accumulate around your house. Eventually this is going to get into the crawlspace and cause mold.
  3. Check Your Ventilation – You want to make sure that your crawlspace is properly ventilated. There should be at least one square foot’s worth of ventilation per 150 square feet in your crawl space. This will help you decrease your chances of having mold in the crawlspace. It also will help your home be healthier.


If you take time to learn mold prevention in your crawl space, you may never need to learn about crawl space mold removal. Use these tips and you may just see that your crawl space and your home is much healthier and so is your family.