10 Jun

3 Simple Furnace Repair Tips You Can Follow

a suitable furnace repair step is replacing

When summer is over and fall is around the corner, this is the best time to inspect and repair your furnace. You rarely use it during the warm months and chances are it may need some furnace repair.

You want to relax with some hot chocolate and a blanket during the winter. We all do. But to enjoy the holidays without any hitches, your furnace should be your main priority.

Here are some DIY pointers to ensure that your kiln is in top condition:

  1. Clean the Pilot Light

Check the light. If it can’t stay on or is on for a short while, chances are dust or other dirt has accumulated in it and it needs cleaning. Before anything else, switch off the gas valve and, if necessary, adjust it and clean the gas release hole using a small strong wire.

  1. Use Another Thermocouple

A thermocouple is used to measure temperature. It automatically shuts off gas when the igniter fails. If the furnace doesn’t function even after cleaning the pilot light, a suitable furnace repair step is replacing the thermocouple.

  1. Light the Pilot Light Again

You have cleaned the light, so it’s bound to work. Switch the gas valve off, wait for a while, then switch the valve to pilot setting. Afterward, hold a lighted matchstick to the pilot opening while you press the reset button on pilot control panel.

Repairing a complicated appliance like the furnace isn’t easy, so whenever you need help don’t hesitate to call a local furnace repair professional.