14 May

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Windows

When people wash their windows

When people wash their windows, they often don’t know that there are mistakes that they make that can affect how effective the job is. Below are three common window washing mistakes that many people make.

Washing Them on a Sunny Day

You shouldn’t wash your windows when it’s sunny. If you do, the sun will quickly dry on your hot windows before you’re able to wipe the cleaner off. This will cause streaks. If you have to do it on a sunny day, start with your house’s shady side.

Not Removing Dust and Dirt First

Before you start washing your windows, remove any dust and dirt from your window frame with your vacuum or brush. This is going to help with preventing dust from becoming a mess when the cleaner mixes with it. if the screen appears to be really dirty, take it out. Then wash it using sudsy hot water and a brush with soft bristles. Then rinse it and allow it to dry before you put it back.

Not Using Enough Cleaner

You shouldn’t hold back when you are using your cleanser, especially if the windows are really dirty. You will need enough cleaner for dissolving and suspending dirt so it’s able to be wiped away completely.  You will see a huge difference in how they look!

These are three common window washing mistakes that many homeowners make. If you want your windows to look their best, avoid making these mistakes and you’ll have clean windows that you can be proud of.