23 Jan

3 Mistakes Homeowners Make with Their Air Conditioning

air conditioning units work hard

When the weather turns hot, air conditioning units work hard. But sadly, a lot of homeowners make mistakes that can decrease their unit’s lifespan. Below are three air conditioner mistakes that many homeowners make.

  1. Not Performing Maintenance

A mistake that many homeowners make is that they don’t perform maintenance on their air conditioning unit. One of the most important things to do is cleaning or replacing your unit’s filters regularly. During normal use, this should be every eight weeks. During heavy use or in households with pets, it’s best to check filters more frequently.

Other important maintenance is checking the window seals of room units annually, running wire through the drain channels on a regular basis, and checking and cleaning the unit’s evaporator coil each year.

  1. Letting the Unit Run All Day

This is a mistake that can not only run up your electric bill but also decrease your air conditioner’s lifespan. It’s best to invest in a thermostat that you can program. This way your air conditioner isn’t running all day and the house is comfortable when everyone gets home from school and work.

  1. Putting Your Thermostat in a Hot Spot

When you are choosing a spot for your thermostat, make sure that it’s away from things like your stereo, lamp, television and other things that can generate heat. Otherwise, it can cause a false reading on your thermostat. This can cause your air conditioning to overwork.

Avoid making these three mistakes and you’ll find your air conditioner is lasting much longer and your utility bills are lower!