24 May

3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Consider Recycling Concrete

Recycled concrete is also generally lightweight and much easier to transport

It is no secret that concrete, besides water, is one of the most used resources on the construction site. Regardless of the size of the project, concrete is costly. Recycling this precious resource will go a long way in keeping the operational cost to a minimum. Here are other benefits of recycling concrete:

  1. Environmentally Friendly

So many acres of space in form of landfills are set aside mainly to discard excess concrete from construction sites. If this waste is recycled, this space will be put into much better use.

The pollution that is brought about by transporting concrete to and from the construction site will go down significantly. Mining for the gravel used in the manufacture of concrete will be at a minimum.

  1. Financial Reprieve

When it comes to setting up a foundation underground for utilities such as piping, and foundations of pavements in alleys and street walkways, recycled concrete is the best bet.

Most of it is suitable for use as an aggregate and it serves the same function as virgin aggregate, but its cost is significantly lower.

  1. Lightweight

Recycled concrete is also generally lightweight and much easier to transport. Among other notable benefits, these are just some of the few.

While the market for this product is still relatively new, more reputable companies are starting to offer recycling services for concrete. If you are planning a construction project, soon, call your construction company to ask if they do. You will be glad you did.