12 Jan

Why We Need Bee Relocation Over Extermination

Why We Need Bee Relocation Over Extermination

When you are dealing with bees, you are bound to get stung! It is this frame of knowledge that concerns many people who have a hive on their property or even within the walls of their home. While bees do have painful stingers, they also provide us with pollination, which the entire human race depends upon for our crops and the crops that feed our animals. Whether you have bees on your property or in your property, rather than calling an exterminator, consider calling a professional that works with bee relocation rather than removal.

Bee relocation is precisely what it sounds like. First, a professional is able to subdue the bees. This is often done with smoke, and then the more advanced tools come into practice! Sometimes professionals will utilize a tiny camera to get a better look at the hive from a distance. Other professionals will utilize gentle vacuums that will suck up the bees without injuring them. Rather than killing the bees, bee removal takes place.

Once the bees are removed, they will be relocated to a different place. Sometimes beekeepers will even relocate bees right to their own properties for safekeeping. This ensures that any stressed or traumatized bees can be cared for after the transfer. Your property, on the other hand, can then be treated and restored, making it unattractive to future infestations of bees.

Bee relocation is a kinder, gentler way to handle bees that are dying off in droves while also protecting an established hive. Not only is this good for the bees, but it is also good for the humans who rely on their pollenating powers. If you suspect you have a hive on or in your property, contact a professional about bee relocation today.