25 Apr

2 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Services

two signs that you should call for air conditioning services

When the temperatures rise outside, one of the things that we dearly count on is AC to keep us cool. But when our AC isn’t working, it’s essential to call a trusted company who offers air conditioning services to help it get working again. Below are two signs that you should call for air conditioning services as soon as possible.

  1. Moisture

Leakage or moisture close to your system might indicate that you’re having problems. When you are noticing leaks coming from the AC system, it could be due to one of two different reasons.

  • Refrigerant leak – This is the most serious problem. These can cause serious risks to the health of you, your pets and your family. They have to be repaired quickly.
  • Drain Tube Problems – Water pooling around your AC might show that you have a broken or blocked drain tube. Although this isn’t as serious as leaking refrigerant, you want to have it checked quickly so that other problems are avoided.
  1. Home Isn’t Cool

One of the most obvious signs that your AC isn’t working is that your home simply isn’t cool like it should be. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it also can cause your electrical bill to go up since the AC is working hard to cool a house that won’t cool down.

The last thing anyone wants is a broken air conditioner during the hot summer days. So keep a look out for these signs and call your local air conditioning company to have your system maintained regularly.