4 Jan

2 Signs a Roofing Contractor May Have Cut Corners

two signs that the roofing contractor

When you are buying a house, one thing you want to make sure is that it has a sound roof. Below are two signs that the roofing contractor may not have done everything they should have.

  1. Something Doesn’t Feel or Look Right

If you are looking at your roof from far away and its shingles don’t look like they’re matching up, it’s possible that your roofing contractor took shortcuts.

This usually is because of two common things:

  • The homeowner before you only replaced one roof section
  • They patched areas that were leaky

If the roof’s appearance isn’t uniform, it doesn’t always mean it’s a big problem. But it could cause some issues down the road if you’re selling your house. If you don’t plan to move and you are going to stay there indefinitely, and you don’t mind, it’s probably not a big deal.

  1. They Skipped the Underlayment

Unfortunately, you can’t see this from standing on the ground. If you’re buying a house, make sure that you’re getting the report from your inspector about this part of your roof. It’s not likely that a qualified roofer is going to leave this part off of the roof. However, there are shady people who might skip it to give a project quote that is really low.

These are just two signs that a roofing contractor didn’t do the best job on a home’s roof. Before you buy that home, make sure that you know everything about its roof. Otherwise you could be in for some big surprises.