10 Jun

Fire Alarm Installation is Critical for the Security of Your Home or Business

Proper fire alarm installation is critical for security

Do you know whether you have properly working fire alarms? Do you have fire alarms that need to be installed? Proper fire alarm installation is critical for security whether you are at home or at work. Not only must your fire alarms be kept up to date, but proper installation ensures that you will be alerted in the event of a fire. A reputable local security company can assist with fire alarm installation at your home or business, so you feel confident that you are protected in an unexpected event. Security monitoring can also be tied to your fire alarms, meaning expedited assistance and protection for your family, employees, and property.

  • Convenience – Security monitoring services provide monitoring seven days a week and 24 hours per day. When you hire a security firm for fire alarm installation and monitoring you can feel confident your home or business is protected.
  • Safety – Your safety is greatly improved when you have a professional team who can complete fire alarm installation at your home or business. If you are unable to call the fire department because you aren’t home or have gotten injured, the security monitoring company will report the emergency for you.

Don’t wait to install fire alarms or update your security system. Contact a local security agency about fire alarm installation and other security installation services.

8 Feb

Home Security Tips for Living Alone

home security products that can sound an alarm

There are some wonderful things about living alone – no fighting for the covers, nobody else to clean up after, and having the remote control all to yourself. There are also some challenges, such as needing to take extra precautions with home security. It is not uncommon for criminals to target those living alone, so it is important to utilize as many of these home security tips as possible:

  • Keep in Touch – You should have a network of people who know your routine and would check in with you if they saw you deviate from it. If you are injured, this may get you help before it is too late. Plus, if someone is trying to decide if you’d make a good target, seeing this level of attention could make them think twice.
  • Close Windows and Curtains/Blinds – The less that people can see about your activities and belongings in the home, the better. An open window makes a very convenient access point for a criminal. If you like to have a window open a crack for fresh air, there are home security products that can sound an alarm if the window is opened far enough to gain access.
  • Upgrade Locks – Make sure to have the best deadbolts and locks you can afford. If you are a renter, you’ll have to check first with the landlord, but most have no problem with this improvement to their property, provided you give them a key to the new locks.
  • Don’t Share – Be careful who you let know that you live alone and don’t advertise you are the sole inhabitant of your home. For example, on the mailbox, just put your surname rather than your full name or even a first initial.