10 Jun

Intro to Electronics and Import Car Repair

accurately perform import car repair

In the past, cars and other vehicles used purely mechanical mechanisms in their design. Over time, however, more and more electronic components were incorporated, and today’s cars and trucks include many electronic features, including navigation systems and back-up cameras–even something seemingly mechanical like the windshield wipers may actually be controlled by the car’s built-in computer. These components require specialized electronic repair, especially if you are driving an import. The mechanic will need a thorough knowledge of the electronics for your make and model in order to accurately perform import car repair.

To help you get the service that your car needs, here is an introduction to some of the things that fall under the umbrella of electronic repair:

  • Diagnostics- In order to repair an issue with your car’s electronic systems, a technician first needs to diagnose what that problem is. An import car repair specialist should have the necessary equipment to run diagnostics on your car’s electronics and accurately pinpoint the source of the trouble.
  • Computers- The majority of modern cars include at least one computer, and its main function is to monitor and adjust the engine and transmission as you drive. Sensors throughout the car send information to the computer, which then makes adjustments to the spark plugs, fuel injectors, and idle speed to make sure you get the best performance from your vehicle. If this computer starts to malfunction, it can lead to a rougher driving experience or even worse problems, necessitating import car repair.
  • Engine Controls- Some cars have computers specifically designed to control the engine. These engine control systems regulate your exhaust emissions and help you achieve maximum fuel economy. If you want to get the most out of this powerful technology, you should have it regularly checked out by import car repair professionals to make sure that everything is working right.


23 Apr

Import Car Repair: Why You Should Let the Experts Do the Job

trust only import car repair technicians

A car is one of those possessions that everyone dreams of owning. But if you have one, you know that there’s more to it than driving it around. There’s a lot of maintenance and care that goes with owning a car. People with imported cars have to take the extra step. Imported cars are unique because they can’t be fixed by just anyone.

Here’s why you should trust only import car repair technicians for your import car:

  1. They’ve Got the Experience

Professionals have the necessary expertise. They can have a look at your car, perform some tests on it, correctly identify the problem and fix what needs to be fixed.

  1. They Have the Tools

Imported cars have special parts that most local cars don’t have. Taking it to your local mechanic for import car repair is a mistake you don’t want to make. Find import car repair experts in your area. They have the necessary equipment to get your car up and running again.

  1. Their Pricing is Affordable

Experts don’t just fix your car and quote the cost for their services.  It’ll surprise you that they offer reasonable prices for their work. If the amount is high, they’re willing to negotiate for you to pay comfortably.

  1. They Take the Shortest Time Possible

Whether it’s putting your vehicle through import car repair or showing up when you call them, professionals know the value of time. They also know that you have places to be, and are determined to ensure that your car doesn’t spoil your plans.


19 Feb

How to Find a Reputable Import Car Repair Shop

your import car repair as you do and want you to be a repeat customer

Some people inherently distrust mechanics because they feel mechanics are always trying to rip them off. However, many mechanics care as much about your import car repair as you do and want you to be a repeat customer. Here are a few tips for knowing if a shop is trying to rip you off or do a quality job on your import car repair.

  1. Listening: A mechanic who cares about your import car repair will listen and take your input into consideration. A con artist mechanic will talk all over you and care little for what you have to say.
  2. Generalization: A good mechanic will describe in detail what issues your car has and try their best to make you understand what needs to be repaired, and how those repairs relate to cost. A lower quality mechanic will generalize issues, and not explain what is going on to make you pay more for issues that may be cheap to fix or not there at all.
  3. Check Online Reviews: Online reviews may not be the most reliable, but consistent comments that a repair shop is scamming customers is not a good sign. While the prices may be lower, it is not worth risking your import car repair to a mechanic with low reviews.
  4. Unnecessary Repairs: If your car needs a specific repair, a repair shop will fix it and tell you about any other issues they see. A sketchy repair shop will try and force you to purchase additional repairs such as flushes and filters. These are maintenance things that most likely can be put off for a long time, so if a repair shop says something along the lines of “if you don’t flush your transmission fluid your transmission will break” do not believe them. A quality repair shop will not scare you into purchasing maintenance related issues. Of course, brakes and such are necessary, but a fluid flush or air filter replacement are not life or death.


While there are more tactics that a sketchy auto mechanic can employ, these are a few telltale signs. Make sure to find out about these things before your import car repair is completed, because you are always allowed to say no. Before the repair starts you can say no and go try a different, more confidence inspiring import repair shop.