22 Mar

3 Good Reasons to Make Drain Cleaning a Top Priority

These are three good reasons why drain cleaning is a chore that everyone should consider top priority

When it comes to maintenance on your home, one thing that you may not put at the top of your lists is drain cleaning. However, it’s something that everyone should consider. Below are three things that clogs can cause and why drain cleaning is so important.

  1. Dirty Water

A clog often can turn into the best place for bacteria to breed. Waste and food also can be caught in the larger clogs. These types of issues can also create dirty water that can cause health problems for you and your family.  When you leave clogs alone, they can cause dirty water that isn’t safe for you to drink or use.

  1. Bad Odors

When a clog’s large enough that water isn’t able to get through, a lot of times the pipes are going to dry out. When there isn’t any moisture for soaking up the smells that waste causes, the odors are going to permeate your home. Stagnant water also causes bad smells. Not only that, but the clog can start trapping things like food and waste, those types of materials also will cause bad smells.

  1. Health Risks

Along with the health risks caused by dirty water, there are other health risks that clogged drains can cause. The people who have asthma and airborne allergies may experience irritation due to clogs, particularly when there are also odors in the air. When there’s contaminated water that contains parts of the clog, it also can irritate the skin.

These are three good reasons why drain cleaning is a chore that everyone should consider top priority. It can help your health and it can keep your water clean.

20 Mar

Least to Most Effective Drain Cleaning Solutions

drain cleaning is a strong defense of preventing the drain from getting clogged

Homeowners often have passionate opinions on the best way to do drain cleaning. There are many DIY solutions to drain cleaning, but of course not all techniques are created equal. Here is a short ranking of some of the most popular drain cleaning techniques ranked by quality of results.


  • Running Water: Some people would rather ignore drain cleaning problems and just continue to run their faucet or shower and pretend like the running water will make the issue go away. Of course, this is not effective.
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: While many believe this combo tackles drains, it actually does little in the way of cleaning. Unfortunately, a fun chemical reaction is not the same thing as proper drain cleaning.


  • Snaking: A snake can get any garbage out of a sink effectively and unclog the sink in the process.
  • Plunging: A plunger will have the same effects as a snake but is used in pushing out blockages while a snake will pull them out entirely.


While everyone does have their own special technique for drain cleaning, not every technique is as effective of the next. You are free to try as many as you’d like, but never forget what drain cleaning techniques are tried and true.