23 Oct

How to Make Dog Training an Enjoyable Learning Experience

Dog training can be one of the most fulfilling pastimes

Dogs are arguably the most fun pets to relate to and create fun moments with. They are mostly revered for their loyalty and friendly nature.


However, all is not as rosy with dogs when you are new to them. Training them to suit your preferences as a dog owner is not guaranteed to be such a walk in the park. Whether you plan on doing the dog training yourself or having a professional trainer help, here are key areas you will want to focus on:


Strong Bond


You can start by creating a beautiful relationship with your dog if you are new to each other. Your dog will have a difficult time trying to be free around you if you don’t give it the chance to do so. The possibility of loosening up will only be real enough when it can read your signs.


Unbreakable Routine


Dogs learn faster when they are put on a routine that they engage in every day. For instance, if it poops every morning, instruct it to have a specific spot for this activity. Before you know it, there will be no quarreling with your dog over such.


Show some affirmation


Dogs have feelings that must be nurtured and respected at all times. For instance, patting it when it does something you approve of is mandatory. This will motivate your dog to want to go out of its way to impress you as the owner.


Dog training can be one of the most fulfilling pastimes when the tips above are followed.

18 Apr

Important Facts About Dog Training That You Can’t Ignore

some things that you should know about dog training

Dogs are of course the cutest and most reliable pets to have since they’re man’s best friend.

Apart from proper feeding and regular grooming, they also need some dog training. Unfortunately, training is an important part of dog ownership that is often overlooked, leading to disorderly pet-owner relationships. Here are some things that you should know about dog training:

  1. It’s Training for You As Well

Training has to be two-way for it to be successful. Your dog learns to obey your commands while you learn how to read their body language. Make training a special time to bond with your pet.

  1. It’s Not as Easy as It Looks

You may watch TV or some tutorial videos and think training your dog is easy. Well, it’s not. No matter how much time you spend with it, you must call a professional to handle it.

Besides, there are some important aspects about dog training that you can’t learn from videos, like respect in your relationship with your dog.

  1. Choose the Right Trainer for the Job

We’re not talking about experience here, though it’s important too. The dog trainer has to put your dog at ease. They must also work with your dog smoothly for maximum results.

  1. Be Realistic

Don’t expect your dog to learn every trick in a single day. Even if it learns one trick in a day, that’s a step forward. At least you know that the dog training is working.