26 Dec

4 Reasons Collision Repair is Necessary

collision repair can be very expensive

After an accident you may be worried about the cost to fix your car because collision repair can be very expensive. This may lead some people to consider driving around a crashed car hoping that it is merely a cosmetic concern. The issue is that it probably is not cosmetic if serious damage is done, and a crashed car should not be driven. Here are a few reasons your car needs collision repair before it is taken back on the road.

  1. Structural Damage: Most cars are unibody designs, which means that outer damage can severely affect the structural integrity of the whole car. If the car were to get in another accident, then it would be much more dangerous for the driver than a repaired vehicle.
  2. Internal Stress: It is not always easy to tell if the internal workings of the car were damaged during the collision. This could add unnecessary stress on other components which may lead to future repairs under the hood when more things break. Also, things like tire or brake performance could be affected by a crash, making the car incredibly unsafe to drive.
  3. Pedestrians: When a car has jagged or broken pieces it becomes very unsafe in pedestrian collisions. Hitting someone is bad enough but causing them more pain due to a jagged or broken car makes it significantly worse.
  4. Legality: Depending on the damage a car may not be street legal at all. Depending on location, it may be illegal to drive a crashed car due to the safety risks mentioned above that it may pose to yourself and others around you.

While collision repair may expensive, it is more than worth the money compared to the price of safety. Make sure to get your crashed car towed and get collision repair to make sure your car is road-worthy.

24 May

Why Proper Collision Repair is Important

make sure to go to a collision repair shop after any accident

If you get into a minor accident you may think it is safe to drive away and live with the damage on your vehicle. In fact, many people are driving cars that have been in an accident and have not had proper collision repair. While this saves money, there are many reasons to have collision repair done on your vehicle post-crash. Here are a few of those reasons.

  1. Misalignment: While body panels of the car may be misaligned, the wheels might be messed up as well. Having a wheel being misaligned by a few degrees can ruin the tread of the tire and even make the vehicle unsafe in handling, braking, and accelerating.
  2. Resale Value: A crashed car that has had collision repairs may be worth less than if it were never crashed, but the value lost when a car still has damage is large. A car with a huge dent or gash in it is worth very little in cash value, and you should consider repairing the car soon after the accident to maintain the value of the car.
  3. Frame Damage: Most cars are a unibody design, which means a small crash on the body can lead to the car having reduced structural integrity. This can lead to the car not driving properly or being especially unsafe during an accident.
  4. Damaged Components: A small fender bender may seem like something you can live with, but the radiator may disagree. A small hit can seriously damage the drivetrain components of your car which in turn can damage itself more if you continue to drive it.

For the sake of your own safety and the safety of your car’s life, make sure to go to a collision repair shop after any accident. While the accident may seem minor and something you can live with it is better to be safe rather than sorry.