28 Jan

4 Times When You Need Auto Glass Repair

When a car needs auto glass repair

Windshields can last a long time past when they need to be repaired, so it can be hard to know at what point you will need auto glass repair. While most people know when a windshield is broken and it needs auto glass repair, but there are other times when you may want to repair or replace. Here are 4 times when you should consider auto glass repair for your vehicle.

  1. Peppering of Mini-chips: Your windshield faces a lot of debris as it rolls down highways at incredible speeds. While not all debris will chip or crack your windshield, some will add small chips that etch your glass just a little bit. When enough peppering happens, you may want to consider auto glass repair to give yourself a clear view again.
  2. Chips: The next step up from tiny chips is proper chips. This kind of damage can obstruct your view but may also get worse. At any moment the chip turn into a large crack, which would require immediate auto glass repair. Also, most car washes will not wash cars with chips in the glass because they are very likely to web into large cracks during a wash.
  3. Cracks: Conventional wisdom states that most cracks smaller than a dollar bill can be repaired, depending on the location of the crack. Large cracks require replacement, but smaller cracks can use auto glass replacement.
  4. Age: while windshields don’t usually need to be replaced unless something is wrong, sometimes they can be improved on. Very old windshields may not have laminated glass or tinting, which are great features of modern windshields.

When a car needs auto glass repair may be obvious sometimes, but that is not always the case. Sometimes it can be repaired, so long as you pay attention to the state of your windshield.

10 Jun

Little Known Facts About Accident Repairs: The Auto Glass Repair

want to take your car to your usual auto glass repair shop

Even with some of the impressive safety features that are around in the cars of today, there is no guarantee that you’ll never get into a car accident. In fact, over the course of the average time spent driving in one’s life, the average person will experience 3-4 car accidents. Whether an accident is minor (perhaps requiring only auto glass repair) or more serious (maybe requiring several major parts), there are things you should know.

First, most of us hate dealing with insurance companies, and the insurance companies know it. This means that they will purposely be difficult in order to get you to take the first offer they give you. You do not have to accept their offer!

Second, you can choose to cash out their offer rather than use the money to pay for repairs– the choice is up to you. Depending on the car you have or your personal situation, this might be a better option for you.

Third, keep in mind that you do not have to go to the repair shop that the insurance recommends, and you can choose to go to different shops for different services. If you need a new windshield and want to take your car to your usual auto glass repair shop and have the mechanic you always see do the rest, you have the right to do just that.

Fourth, if there were no other parties and the damage is minor, you don’t necessarily need to file a claim on your insurance. If the damage is minimal, you can choose to pay for the repairs yourself. For example, if you just need auto glass repair, it may be cheaper to pay for it yourself than to pay the deductible and have your rates increase. You’ll pay out of pocket, but it will save you money yearly on your insurance.

18 Apr

3 Common Auto Glass Repair Mistakes

auto glass repair that can make it even more expensive

One of the most common problems that drivers have is damage to their windows and windshields. These can often be costly problems, since having auto glass repair done is often expensive. But there are mistakes that you can make when it comes to auto glass repair that can make it even more expensive. Below are 3 mistakes to avoid making when you have a crack in your windshield or car window.

  1. Putting Tape on a Crack or Chip – It may seem like it’s a good idea to deal with damaged glass on your auto, but it’s not going to help keep the damage from spreading. It’s only going to make it look more visible. It also can affect your ability to see well by obscuring the view or reflecting light.
  2. Washing Over Damage – Based on how deep the damage is, you may be able to repair the crack rather than completely replacing your windshield. But in order to help avoid having to replace it, it’s important to avoid any kind of contact which could make the damage worse. This includes washing the damaged area. Even if your windshield is dirty, don’t wash it until you have your windshield repaired. If you have no choice, just use a soft cloth that you have dampened and use gentle motions.
  3. Covering It Up with Nail Polish – Like tape, using clear nail polish could seem like a good idea when your windshield’s cracked. It won’t last and it’s not going to stop damage from getting worse.

When you have a cracked window or windshield, the best thing that you can do is to contact an auto glass repair professional. Trying to do the work yourself or putting it off can make it even worse and cost you more in the long run.