11 Mar

The Different Kinds of Home Insulation Available

When it comes to home insulation

As a new or even a current homeowner, getting the right type of home insulation may lead not only to better thermal efficiency but also to significant savings when it comes to the electric bill. Here are just a few of the options currently available:

  • Blankets/Batts: These the most popular form of home insulation. It is particularly a favorite of DYI projects thanks to the simplicity of its use. It comes in the form of rolls that can be unrolled to install around walls, water pipes, as well as electric fittings.
  • Spray Form Insulation: This insulation has the advantage of being able to fit into those cracks and crannies, which other kinds of materials may not be able to. It’s ideally used around doors, vents as well as windows.
  • Fiberglass Insulation: Fiberglass insulation is made up of numerous layers of extremely fine glass fibers and is by far the most common in most homes. It comes in the forms of blanket batts/rolls, and loose fit. It can be installed in floors, walls, and even ceilings.
  • Foam Board Insulation: Boards come in the standard 4×8 size sheets as well as slightly smaller sizes to cater to your needs. With thickness ranging from ¼ inch to 2 inches, they are easy to install and are great for a quick DIY project.

When it comes to home insulation, you need to ensure that the house is sufficiently ventilated to avoid excessive heat. Also, always seek help from a certified contractor if you’re not comfortable with the DIY approach.


2 Mar

4 Benefits of Windows with Insulating Glass

Insulating glass windows have more panes

Is it time for your windows in your home to be replaced? If so, why not choose windows made with insulating glass? Below are 4 benefits of insulated windows.

  1. Stop Noise from Entering – Insulating glass windows have more panes them than a regular window, in addition to heat insulation, it also can help to reduce the noise from outside coming in.
  2. Decrease Moisture Accumulation – For those who like cranking up the heat in their home, having insulated windows can really help. These let you have a lot of humidity in your home. Then your inside air is going to be better if you can’t handle living in dry air. The windows will block moisture from cold, which prevents the formation of condensation.
  3. Provide Safety & Security – With additional glass panes, these windows are a lot harder to break. This means that you’re going to be a lot more safe and secure in your home. They’re also much harder to break into and force open than the regular windows.
  4. Lower Electric Bills – Since insulated windows keep your home warm or cool better, depending on the season, you’ll notice that you’re much more comfortable in your home without touching your thermostat. This means lower electric bills.

These are just four of the benefits you’ll find when you choose windows made with insulating glass. Yes, they’re likely to be more expensive. But the savings that you have over their life and the comfort you feel is going to make it worth it.


25 Jan

Is Attic Insulation Right for Your Home?

attic insulation is worth all of the work

There is a lot of research that needs to be done before installing attic insulation. All this work may have you wondering if attic insulation is worth all of the work. Here are a few things to consider before installing attic insulation.

  • Energy Savings: Attic insulation can save a home a lot in utilities, but this is not always the case. It is important to find out how much your utility bill may decrease due to attic insulation. You may find it will save you a lot, but you may want to avoid insulation if savings are minimal.
  • Condition of Attic: If your attic is not in great shape for insulation you will have to do repairs before you can insulate it. If you are not willing or able to pay for repairs before insulation, then maybe insulation is not right for you at the moment.
  • Snow: Since heat rises, warmth escaping through the attic may melt the snow. If snow piling on your roof is already a problem, then insulation may make the situation worse. This only applies to places with a lot of snow, or homes where the roof has snow-load issues.
  • Finding the Right Solution: Paying for low-rate attic insulation solutions may not be worth the money. It is worth it to pay for proper sealing and insulation of quality materials, otherwise the insulation will not work properly. If you are willing to pay for proper insulation, then you should consider it but cutting corners may make insulation not worth it.

There is a lot that goes into attic insulation, so it is important to research heavily about whether it is right for you and your budget.

17 Jan

3 Mistakes in Attic Insulation Installation

Whether you are doing insulation installation yourself or hiring a professional

Insulation is one of the most important things in your home. It helps your home stay warm or cool, depending on the season, and helps keep your electric bills low. However, like anything else, you have to be careful when getting insulation installed in your home to make sure that it is installed properly. Below are 3 mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to attic insulation installation.

  1. Existing Insulation Has Gaps

Insulation will stop heat flow. So, even when there’s a tiny space in between the floor of the attic and insulation, it can affect its ability to insulate. If you’re finding that there are gaps, fill these open areas and ensure the insulation’s completely contacting the floor of the attic. You may also be able to call the company who did your insulation installation so that they can come back and fix the mistakes they’ve made.

  1. Insulation Covers Eave Vents

Properly ventilating your attic helps with preventing condensation, mold and even damage to your home’s components. You want to be sure that insulation isn’t covering your eave vents. This can be done by installing some ready-made baffles in between your roof rafters. This is going to help with keeping your airstream open and preventing your loose fill from moving around.

  1. Improperly Sealed Knee Walls

A knee wall is a short half wall in your attic. If your attic is insulated, the opposite side of your knee wall usually isn’t. if your wall has cellulose or fiberglass insulation on the wall’s opposite side, you should cover it using something like drywall. You also should seal any penetrations in this wall just like you would with exterior walls.

Whether you are doing insulation installation yourself or hiring a professional, make sure that you are avoiding these mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes can help your home be more comfortable no matter the season.

26 Dec

3 Tips for Making Home Insulation More Effective

A really easy way to improve your home’s insulation

When the weather turns cold, one of the things you want to do is to give your home’s insulation all the help it can get. Below are three tips that you can use to help your home stay toasty warm this winter.

  1. Find Leaks

During windy or cold days, put the back of your hand around your window frames. This will help you feel for any leaks. Using incense stick smoke is also a good idea. Light the stick and then move it slowly around your windows’ frames to find drafts.

  1. Fix Your Leaks

If you’ve found any leaks, one of the easiest and cheapest was to fix it is to caulk it. Use the caulking and seal the leaky windows’ exterior perimeter. Then seal the cracks in between the wall and interior trim.

You can also buy heavier curtains and hang them in the winter to help with keeping the heat in.

  1. Sealing Doorways

A really easy way to improve your home’s insulation is to seal your exterior door. Below are two tips:

  • Use lengthy weather-stripping pieces to get rid of the gap in between your side jambs and door.
  • Put door sweeps at each exterior door. This will block the cold air from coming in under the doors.

These are three easy ways that you can help your home’s insulation work well and keep your home nice and warm this winter. They will also help your home to be a lot more energy efficient and keep your heating costs down. You may also want to call a professional insulation company to check your home for any problems regarding your insulation.