28 Jan

Why You Shouldn’t Do Bee Removal By Yourself

Bee removal is an excellent alternative to extermination

Running into bees on your property can be terrible because you now have to pay for their removal. Bee removal is an excellent alternative to extermination, but that does not make it any easier of a process to do. In fact, bee removal can be more difficult than extermination, and neither should be attempted by an untrained person. Here are a few reasons why you should not attempt bee removal yourself.

  • Training: The first obvious reason why not to attempt bee removal is training. The average person is not trained in bee removal and will not know how to do it right. This could lead to, at best, a situation where bees are improperly moved, and at worst, a life-threatening situation with bees.
  • Equipment: There is a fair amount of equipment required to do bee removal. Substituting all of the equipment with things you have in your house is probably not a very smart move. As mentioned before, this could lead to poor removal or dangerous situations.
  • Allergies: A trained bee removal specialist knows the dangers of bees and knows better how dangerous they can be. Attempting bee removal is not a good time to find out that you are allergic to bee stings or are particularly sensitive to bee stings. Avoid finding out how many bee stings you can take by simply not attempting bee removal yourself.
  • Bee Safety: The point of bee removal is to save an endangered species from being killed. Doing an improper job of removal could be bad on the bees, which is what you’re trying to ensure.

Make sure, for the safety of yourself and the bees, not to attempt bee removal yourself. Always call a trained professional to make sure things go smoothly.

25 Jan

What You Can Do If You Have Unwanted Bees on Your Property

You can also look for a company who specializes in bee removal

Unwanted bees forming a colony on your property can be dangerous because a swarm of bees can cause serious harm when provoked. On that note, what should you do when they decide to make your home theirs? Simple. You need to have bee removal done quickly, safely, and thoroughly.

The aim of bee removal is to safeguard yourself and anyone else near you without harming the bees while doing so. This is due to that fact that bees play a crucial role in the environment, specifically cross pollination.

Bee removal isn’t something which should be undertaken by anyone who is inexperienced.  Please leave it to the experts because by doing it on your own with zero experience, you run the risk of seriously injuring yourself or people around you. Remember: Bee stings can be fatal.

So, in this case, what can you do? You could call up pest control to come and remove them, but in most cases, this may lead to harm and even death of the bees. The most humane thing to do is to look up for the nearest beekeeper and get help from them.

In some instances, some beekeepers will not charge you for the bee removal service. Just ensure to clarify this before they come over to be on the safe side. Similarly, ensure that you are dealing with bees and not other insects such as wasps or hornets before calling the beekeepers.

You can also look for a company who specializes in bee removal. They are not like pest control companies who simply exterminates pests. Bee removal companies can remove the bees humanely, giving you peace of mind.