21 Jan

Give Bees a Chance! Hire Professional Honey Bee Removal

professional honey bee removal

Honey Bees deciding to share your home is never a fun situation but paying for professional honey bee removal can seem like less fun. However, the cost of hiring professional honey bee removal will greatly outweigh the risks and danger involved with doing it yourself. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a professional for honey bee removal.

  1. Safety: A professional will have the equipment to sedate or stay safe from the bees they are removing. The average person does not own a smoker or a bee suit, so to stay safe from a swarm of bees it is recommended to hire a professional to remove bees.
  2. The Bees Safety: While people being safe is important, bees are an increasingly endangered species that deserve safety as well. When bees are removed by a professional, they typically take them to a beekeeper or dislocate somewhere else where they can live. A DIY bee removal project may involve the death of bees, and that is not acceptable in a world where bee populations are being demolished.
  3. Keeping Them Out: If you do the bee removal yourself, you may not removal the beehive properly. This could mean that bees could find residence in the same place bees were before. Most honey bee removal services guarantee that bees will not return, and often have a warranty on the bees not coming back.

While DIY bee removal may seem convenient or inexpensive, the rinks involved make it not worth it. Were you to need honey bee removal services, consider hiring a professional to get the job done correctly and safely.

21 Jan

What if I Stopped Septic Pumping?

septic pumping removes any excess

Pumping a septic tank is an expensive chore, but what would happen if you stopped septic pumping? And how long can you go without septic pumping? A car will not blow up if you wait until 5000 and 1 miles, and a septic tank can continue to operate past the point in which it needs septic pumping. However, the longer you go without septic pumping, the more damage the system will inflict on itself. Here are a few working parts in a septic tank that can be damaged if pumping does not happen regularly.

Sludge Build-up: While the bacteria in the septic tank is meant to prevent sludge from building on the bottom, septic pumping removes any excess. Without pumping, the solid sludge can buildup and cause the tank to be too full, and push waste liquids back up. This can lead to a horrible smell emanating from the ground, to wastewater leading back into the home. This is not only disgusting, but also a health hazard because waste materials are not being properly stored and disposed of.

Water Running Poorly: Due to gravity, the lower water sources in the home will have a more difficult time than higher ones. This means that a sink, toilet, or any drain on a lower floor will begin to struggle to drain water because the tank is getting too full. As mentioned previously, a tank that has not been pumped will be full, which means that waste will find its way back, making it difficult to send more waste water in the opposite direction.

While there are many problems that are a result from not pumping your septic tank, another one to consider is the life-span of a septic tank. Bad smells and improper storage of waste are not desirable, but continued lack of pumping means either living with these issues or installing a new septic tank. If you go too long without pumping your septic tank, you will need a brand new one, which hopefully will get pumped regularly.

And that is why it is important to pump your septic tank. Between the terrible smells, inability to drain water effectively, and not being able to repair the septic tank, it is clear that septic pumping is very important and should be done regularly.